The women and men behind the cooperative

The alliance of our two cellars now brings together 145 members. Along with their love for the vineyards, they all share the same founding principles of cooperative membership. Joining forces allow them to pool and share the skills, know-how and standards needed to create quality wines.
Our cooperative members are protagonists in the cellars’ projects; theirs is each an individual commitment set within a collective approach that aims to enhance the treasures of their Terroir and the fruit of their labour using recognized know-how.
The team at the cooperative also includes employees who work to improve the cellar on a daily basis. Everyone contributes to the whole by contributing his or her particular skills.

Administrative department

As the contact point between the cooperative and all its stakeholders and partners, the administrative department looks after day to day official business, aids the cooperative members with their admin and looks after commercial follow through.

Marie-Hélène TUPIN, Sales Assistant
Sophie ARNAULT, Administrative & Accounting manager

Sales department

Their in-depth knowledge of all our products means that the members of our skilled Sales Team are fully qualified to look after you and help you to make your choices ever attuned to your needs; the team is your direct link between you and the cooperative.

Lucie CLAVEYROLAT, Shop Assistant
Camille RENAUD, in charge of tourism
Damien ACCARY, Cellar and Shop Assistant
Florentin MARGERAND, Cellar and Shop Assistant

Production department

Made up of the Cellar master, cellar hands and oenologists, the production department combines complementary skills to craft quality wine.
Here, they look after the entire winemaking process from when the grapes arrive, through all the stages of vinification to maturing, overseeing the wines’ evolution at all times, in order to obtain quality wines in line with long-standing traditions.

Hervé LAPIERRE, Cellar Master
Julien GRESSARD, Cellar hand and Packaging Agent


The three departments are managed jointly by Frédéric Descombes, President, and Isabelle Adoir Pecoud, CEO. They are backed up by 14 cooperative member-vinegrowers, who are members of the board of directors. They meet regularly to make strategic and day-to-day decisions, thus contributing to the dynamism of our cellar.